Technical Issues

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The first real moment of truth was a week ago today when all of the machines were unboxed, plumbed in, and turned on for the first time. First problem was with the Cirqua water conditioning system. A broken float in the mixing tank resulted in us flooding the floors a few times. Lucky for us, Jim Karr was down from Intelligentsia to help with the install of our machines. Not only was he able to troubleshoot and fix the Cirqua, he was on hand when we discovered that the Clover had taken a massive hit (either before or during shipping, although the box was undamaged...). The stainless base to the Clover was bent and bowed by at least a quarter inch; the drain tray wouldn't fit, water lines were pinched internally, and the machine was screaming like a banshee. After a round of frantic phone calls to Seattle and Chicago, the crew at Clover was able to overnight a new base and Jim set about to attempt his first ever Clover heart-lung-brain transplant.

Four hours of surgery, and patient Clover 205(b) is now alive and cranking out cup after cup of amazing microlot coffee. I probably aged a few years over two days, but we have all of our equipment in place and working flawlessly. Fredrik's work crews are plumbing in the last of the sinks today and are already making headway on the final trim and finish. Full steam ahead.