Final Stretch

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Fredrik and his crew are really putting an amazing effort to get the shop ready for the Intelli team at the end of the week. Here's a peak at the foundation of the casework, all in place.

From the SE corner, looking over the end bar, the counter for the pastry case, and the lowered casework for the POS and the Clover

From the NE corner, focusing on the coffee station. The GB5 sits on the stair-stepped case; we'll use the shelving to market whole bean coffee. The under-counter fridge goes between the GB5 and the Clover, which sits on the lowered case on the left side of the photo.

Stepping back to show the new soffits that drop down from the exposed concrete ceiling. We have lighting embedded to the right; the lights will shine through sail cloth stretched across the openings. This view also shows the custom lights that Stephen Bender designed and Justin and Fredrik attached to the concrete. We like that they look like props from a 50's scifi movie.