concrete and tin

Before we had signed a lease on our space, we found these large marquee letters that we wanted to use as our sign. The only real disappointment of our lease with the city is that we can't attach any outdoor sign to the building-- we are restricted to inside the windows, paint or application to the outside of the windows, or screened letters on an awning. Even with the huge bay windows, the letters are too tall to stack vertically on the interior walls where they can be seen from the street.

We need a plan "B"

The first name that we almost used for Volta was Cafe 'pataphysique. The second was Cabaret Voltaire. So, we turn to our spiritual forefathers Tristan Tzara and Richard Huelsenbeck for ideas about how to play with the letters in our alphabet soup to turn Volta into a spatial construct as well as a recognizable word.