Le Jardin du Paradoxe

My liege! I would be honored.

* we are in period of "hollow of vagueness", signs of an economic crisis "healthy".
* that we are in Liege, the Burning, capital City of Wallonia.
* that these two facts generate a situation of circus.
* circus hurbain (human/urban) where are côtoient parallel worlds.
we melt the a.s.b.l. CIRQUE DIVERS, last representation of Art Suburbs, single and iniquitous.
Le Cirque Divers wants to be:
* a funnel-corridor where the meetings will be welded in a drop.
* a scene where the daily gestures will be dramatized.
* a track where the clowns will twist between the Laughter and Death.
* a mirror where our world in its bliss (stupid attitude) will be reflected.
Le Cirque Divers will be thus:
* a cabaret-theatre-gallery.
* a scene colored parallélo-policy.
* a Gardener of the Universal Paradox and Lie.
(Texte du manifeste du Cirque Divers - janvier 1977.)