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A new trend has developed in the last two days. Our Macchiato and double ristretto espressos are outselling lattes by a wide margin.

Almost done with the space. Fredrik's crew came by today and installed the first bank of window bar seats. It really is quite amazing-- iron rails run from the ceiling and look like they disappear into the floor. The bar is the same blonde polystone as the cupping table and the Clover counter. It really looks like the bar surface is floating in space.

The Super Jolly turned up on the door step the other day. Since we have yet to have one person order a decaf espresso drink, it is looking more like the SJ is destined to be the guest espresso grinder.

Finally, we're hashing out our pastry order with the 2nd St. Bakery. Sue and Laura brought samples by for the staff to order; hopefully we'll have baked goods for sale by Monday... Looks good in the sushi case, if I don't say so.