Cera Una Volta

Almost there...

Playlist for the final day of setup before our health inspection:

  • Dark Meat, Universal Indians
  • Devotchka, A Mad And Faithful Telling
  • The Gutter Twins, Saturnalia
  • The Kills, Midnight Boom
  • Retribution Gospel Choir
  • Times New Viking, Rip It Up
  • Velvet Underground, Gymnasium Bootleg

The refrigerated case for the desserts went in this evening; we're still waiting on the iron work for the tea side of the bar to be finished up, but it will have a cypress counter to match the espresso side..

The espresso-rubbed cypress bar, and my poster from the italian release of "Once Upon A Time In The West"

The view from the back of the bar

The second chalk board mirrors the cupping station, but is made of pegboard so we can play around with our big lettering

First draft of the chocolate kiosk. Hmmm. Bacon and chocolate bars...