just in time delivery

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We were surprised this week by a lucky, cool break in the weather just as the spring temperatures were climbing into the 80s. Just what we needed to place our stocking orders with four of our major chocolate vendors. We're learning that some vendors suspend shipments to Florida if the heat crosses a threshold. By the end of this week we'll be pushing the low 90s. With five days of 40 degree nights and low 70s in the days, we took a chance on big orders from US producers Askinosie, Vosges, and Escazu, and we picked up Maglio and Artigiano from Italy. The Italian chocolates were a real revelation-- the Maglio bars straight single-origin, but are massively big flavors. The milk chocolate from PNG is probably the single best milk chocolate that I've tried. And we're carrying a single-origin Cuban bar. (Technically/legally it is an Italian chocolate, but the cocoa solids are Cuban.) The Artigiano bars are much more refined, with locally sourced (in Italy) spices and dried fruits-- like a sweet sea salt and olive oil milk chocolate bar that is a amazing: sweet and salty, peppery and luxurious. As for American-sourced chocolate, Askinosie is the find of the season for us. Following a model much in line with Intelligentsia's direct trade practice, Askinosie is one of the only bean-to-bar producers in the US. They import directly from two farms, bringing the beans to Springfield, MO. In one facility they roast and grind the beans to produce their own chocolate liquor and cocoa butter, then move through mixing the chocolate, conching, and molding. We're using Askinosie chocolate and cocoa powder to make our chocolate syrup and to make one of a half-dozen drinking chocolates. Good stuff.

Big bags of Vosges drinking chocolate mix

Maglio single origin bars