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Off (with) The Grid

More progress. The next big push starts on Friday:

Evolution of Volta, Pt. 5

It suddenly becomes very real. After three months of the space being in suck in the same place, everything is going very quickly. I went by this morning to see if we had mail and discovered two crews had already dismantled the two walls, cut our new doorway to the back, and removed the banks of generic fluorescent lights.

Thank you, Fredrik!

Another Arrival

Verrrry difficult to leave this box at the space, but I don't think it would fit in our kitchen....

Demolition Day

The whirlwind begins. Volta's designs were approved by the city's design review board. Plans were submitted to the city building department on the fast-track program and should be approved within two weeks. Just as important, we received our demolition permit today so that walls can come out, doors can be cut, and the ceiling grid can be removed.

We're celebrating the end of the log-jam tonight!

(Photo from the British government's department of highways.)

Evolution of Volta, Pt. 4

Not much we can do with the space until we are permitted; Janet and I took out the ceiling panels to expose the concrete ribs and cast iron pipes that will be our new ceiling, but we can't pull the fixtures without the electrical permit. Equipment is starting to arrive and we're still waiting to move drains and power. But the drawings are finalized and the permit applications go this week. We just might be turning the corner...

Evolution of Volta, Pt. 3

Red Rover, Red Rover...

Spent the day walking the site plans through the Fla Division of Hotels and Restaurants, then ordered the Clover... We'll have it set up and ready for experimenting on the day the case work is installed.

Walking The Cow

The cows I wanted:

I've been working with UF's bovine geneticist to document the wild Florida cracker cattle that live out on Payne's Prairie. Originally feral brush cattle descended from the stock brought over by the Spaniards in the 1600s, UF has been working with the State Department of Environmental Protection to breed the cattle back to more closely resemble the wild cattle pictured in documents from the 1800s. Although the park rangers consider them to be more dangerous than the alligators in their wild state, they can be domesticated quite nicely in spite of their appearance.

The cows I actually have:

Belted Galloways. Look like muppets, actually are meaner than a rattlesnake. Janet will no longer go into the pasture alone with them around, and they've tried their best to trample all of the dogs.

Volta v0.1b

Meta-Res Volta plan, as submitted for health permitting

(click on photo for pdf of plan)

Bonjour, Vosges!

Better A Good Dinner Than A Fine Coat

Frame grab from GW Pabst's Die Dreigroschenoper: Mackie meets Polly and her mother at the bar.

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